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Be upstanding for your physical and mental health

The University of Queensland BeUpstanding program raises awareness of the health and safety risks of sedentary occupations. It helps workplaces create a supportive culture where sitting less and moving more is normal workplace practice.

It is still possible to deliver a BeUpstanding program and be involved if you have staff working from home. The BeUpstanding online toolkit provides all the tools and free resources you need.

Workplaces that have consented to be part of this National Health and Medical Research Council project (which is measuring the effectiveness of the online toolkit in reducing sitting time amongst workers and improving their health) can also access free coaching.

Interim results show positive physical and mental health outcomes for participants. Engaged workplaces show participants who sit less and move more throughout the day have less upper body discomfort, feel more alert, energetic and productive.

Some of the strategies workplaces are implementing include:

  • using sit to stand workstations
  • having standing meetings and standing meeting tables
  • re-arranging equipment to promote walking
  • hourly computer prompts to move
  • team walks and step challenges
  • moving and stretching throughout the day.

The BeUpstanding team would particularly like to increase the numbers of small businesses, blue collar industries and call centres taking part. Get in touch if your workplace is interested and make the most of the free coaching that is being offered for a short time.