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New resources available: rehabilitation and return to work guidance

You can support positive return to work outcomes for injured workers by understanding the systems, tools, and terminologies insurers use when managing rehabilitation and return to work (RRTW).

When you talk about RRTW with workers, it’s important to use language and terms consistent with Queensland Workers’ Compensation legislation.

New guidance documents are available to support employers with this education and have been informed by extensive consultation with workers’ compensation scheme stakeholders.

While the documents are targeted at insurers, they contain useful information about insurer, employer, and worker responsibilities for RRTW planning. They go deeper into how these parties interact, and why it’s important to work together to achieve better outcomes for injured workers.

Read the new RRTW guidance documents:

  • Rehabilitation and return to work plans guideline – for insurers (PDF, 0.9 MB)
    This supports insurers to understand and fulfil their obligations relating to RRTW plans. It provides evidence that return to work planning improves return to work outcomes when it applies a person-centred approach - where an injured worker is at the centre of return to work planning and their insurer, employer, and treating health providers work collaboratively towards shared goals.

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