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On-site traffic management audit campaign results

On-site traffic management is a significant safety concern in all types of industries, with a range of vehicles and powered mobile plant frequently involved in serious injuries and deaths.

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, with industry support, continues its focus on workplaces with the most challenging environments and the highest risks. These include sites where complex or unpredictable movements often occur between trucks, mobile plant, cars, utes, forklifts and pedestrians.

As part of a comprehensive audit campaign, inspectors made more than 300 assessments across all parts of the state, focusing on how workplaces handle their site traffic management risks, with enforcement action taken when needed.

A report has now been published highlighting valuable campaign insights, including a short overview on the key issues, results, enforcement actions, outcomes, resources and future actions.

Looking ahead, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland will publish an industry case study demonstrating emerging technologies and a traffic management plan resource developed by industry for industry.

Further information

Read Workplace Health and Safety Queensland’s on-site traffic management audit campaign report.