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Low density asbestos fibre board now reclassified as friable

Low density asbestos fibre board (LDB) has been reclassified as a friable asbestos material and can only be removed by a class A asbestos removal licence holder.

Maintenance and service work on LDB has also been restricted to methods that have been approved and published by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland and must only be carried out by a trained worker.

View all approved work methods for LDB maintenance and service work.

People who manage buildings containing asbestos should also ensure:

  • they review asbestos registers to ensure all LDB is identified and recorded as friable
  • removal of LDB is only performed by a class A licenced asbestos removalist under friable conditions
  • maintenance or service work on LDB is performed by workers who have completed the training specified by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland and they carry out the work according to the approved method.

Duty holders must make a copy of the asbestos register available to businesses or contractors that carry out removal, demolition, refurbishment, maintenance or service work before the work starts.

Further information

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