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New rehab and return to work coordinator training option

Employers are responsible for determining if their rehabilitation and return to work coordinator (RRTWC) is appropriately qualified to perform the role. From 1 July 2020, employers will have a new option to ensure their RRTWC is appropriately qualified.

Currently, employers can take the following factors into consideration when making this decision (determining whether they are appropriate with reference to the size of the workplace and the volume and complexity of workers' compensation claims):

  • the person's experience in the role, or similar roles
  • their formal qualifications or training in relevant disciplines such as allied health or injury management
  • their existing knowledge and skills in assisting with claims management and successful return to work for injured workers (for example, strong interpersonal and negotiation skills).

From 1 July 2020, a list of approved courses will be published to the worksafe website to provide employers with RRTWC training options. This will help identify courses to ensure a person has the necessary skills to perform the RRTWC role.

Completing a course approved by Queensland's Workers' Compensation Regulator is not mandatory for RRTWCs. If the employer is currently satisfied their appointed RRTWCs are appropriately qualified, there is no need for them to do any additional training.

RRTWC training does not expire, but employers should regularly assess whether their RRTWC has the skills and qualifications required to perform the role, taking into consideration the unique demands of their workplaces.

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