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Electrical Equipment Safety Scheme

RCM symbol
Look for the RCM symbol

The Electrical Equipment Safety Scheme (EESS) that applies in Queensland for the sale of household electrical equipment is being adopted by other states to bring consistency across the country.

As part of the move, state and territory authorities are now promoting the requirements for registration and reminding all businesses that import or manufacture household type electrical equipment of their obligation to register. Compliance with the EESS is a requirement for the sale of all household equipment in Queensland.

Once registered, a regulatory compliance mark ('RCM”) must be affixed by the supplier to the equipment they sell, allowing consumers to readily identify if the products come within the EESS safety framework. Along with the searchable registration site, this helps consumers ensure they are buying equipment from a supplier who meets Australian safety standards.

Retailers should ensure they purchase all electrical equipment for on selling to consumers from a registered supplier.

Implementation of the EESS will help improve co-operation between regulators on issues of electrical equipment safety that cross borders and gives electrical safety regulators the ability to quickly follow up with all relevant suppliers if any safety issues are identified.

The EESS regulatory framework is increasing consumer confidence and safety, and while it does not apply to workplace equipment, some apparatus common to workplaces and households is captured. This includes socket outlets, light switches, safety switches, household type circuit breakers, standard power and lighting cable, and equipment in a workplace kitchen or mess room (such as microwave ovens, kettles, refrigerators, toasters).

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