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Safety Advocate films delivered to your workplace

If you’ve been wanting a visit from a Workplace Health and Safety Queensland Safety Advocate but COVID-19 restrictions have made it difficult, you can now order free USBs to bring their inspiring stories to your workers wherever they’re based.

The USBs include all of our advocates’ films, including the newest member of the team, Robyn Neilson. A trained nurse, Robyn was the first responder to her neighbour who suffered horrific injuries after her arms caught in a post-hole digger on a remote cattle property.

For two hours, Robyn gave life-saving care to keep her neighbour alive until the Royal Flying Doctor Service arrived. After the incident, Robyn was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Now, Robyn promotes the importance of preparing for the worst by having emergency plans and first aid equipment in place. She also talks about why it is critical workplaces use well-designed, guarded, and properly maintained equipment.

Our other Safety Advocates reveal how serious workplace injuries, deaths or illness impacted on them and their families. Their experiences happened in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, construction, electrical and hospitality.

Their stories increase awareness about the importance of work health and safety, highlight the personal impacts that an injury can have on workers and their families, and prompt discussion about work health and safety.

To snap up a free USB simply email or complete the online order form.