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Changes to asbestos regulation

From 1 May 2021, low density asbestos fibre board (LDB), also known as asbestos insulating board, will be classified as a friable material in all circumstances. This means LDB can only legally be removed by a class A asbestos removal licence holder.

If you’re a class B asbestos removal licence holder and want to be able to remove LDB after 1 May 2021, you will need to apply to Workplace Health and Safety Queensland for a class A asbestos removal licence.

These changes will also affect businesses and tradespeople who carry out maintenance and service work involving LDB installed in buildings and plant or equipment prior to 31 December 2003. Carrying out work involving LDB will be prohibited unless the task is one of the following and the work is done in the way specified by a regulator-approved method:

  • repairing damaged LDB
  • painting LDB
  • drilling a hole in LDB
  • moving LDB ceiling tiles
  • installing or removing fixtures or fittings.

View these approved work method statements

All workers performing these tasks must be trained in how to identify and safely handle asbestos-containing materials and how to do the work safely. Information on how to complete the training is also at

Further information

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