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Grey fleets – a significant risk with unique challenges

Road safety management of standard car fleets is generally well regulated and well understood, but this is not the case for grey fleets. Grey fleets include vehicles used for work that are not owned by the driver's employer. As more organisations increase their use of grey fleets, concerns about managing the safety risk from their use have also increased.

A new virtual seminar features a diverse and experienced panel highlighting concerns about grey fleets. The panel discusses what grey fleets are, their safety and legal risks and the issues you need to consider if you use them. Grey fleets are often a blind spot for organisations and workers, because it is not yet commonly understood who is legally responsible for safety of the driver and others.

Although work health and safety and other laws apply to grey fleets, the fact is that drivers and organisations employing them often do not fulfil their safety responsibilities. This is why the National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) committee partners identified grey fleets as a significant risk with unique challenges and produced a guide to managing grey fleet safety risk.

This seminar is relevant for businesses that use a grey fleet, managers and leaders, regulators and WHS professionals and representatives.

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For more information about grey fleets visit NRSPP.