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New self-assessment tool for immobilising vehicles – industry audit underway

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland inspectors are auditing workplaces across the state until the end of March 2024,

This initiative aims to assess the risks associated with all types of vehicles including mobile plant from rolling away or moving unintentionally.

This checklist is designed to assist you to assess the effectiveness of your controls and to safely immobilise vehicles and mobile plant. If you answer “no” to any of the questions, it indicates an area where appropriate controls are required to manage your vehicle immobilisation risks.

The new self-assessment checklist (PDF, 1.05 MB) is a guide to what might be expected at a workplace where vehicles are present.

Review your vehicle roll-away risks with relevant staff (e.g., your health and safety officer, occupational health and safety professional, senior management, and supervisors).

Ensure your control measures support the safe immobilisation of vehicles by reviewing these elements in your occupational health and safety management system:

  • external and internal consultation arrangements
  • hazard and risk management and reporting
  • licensing, information, training, instruction and supervision.

Verify your risk controls are being used by your workers, drivers, and contractors. This could include observing them conducting activities, asking them to demonstrate what they do, or asking how they do it.

Further information

Further information: safely immobilising vehicles campaign.