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Safe Work Month presentations still available!

As part of Queensland’s Safe Work Month 2021 program, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland ran a series of short talks focussing on safety leadership, psychological safety, design for workplace diversity, and the future of work beyond COVID-19.

Each short talk delivered practical advice to help workplaces improve health and safety and return to work outcomes. The talks feature experts in their field and are delivered in a practical way that can be downloaded and used by any workplace, large or small, city or country.

The evolving role of safety leaders, Dom O’Brien

Dom O’Brien reveals how leaders not only embrace, but also set themselves up for success in a landscape that is constantly changing. In his presentation, Dom reflects on the challenges of safety: ‘Safety often is one of those things people tend to do the process side of things quite well, and the physical side of safety, all the visible parts, but it's often the people and the leaders that is the trickier part, if you like”.

The presentation shows what an effective leader can do to drive and influence change in their organisation - creating and maintaining a work culture based on trust, inspiring teams to go above and beyond because they want to, not because they have to, and them to think differently.

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Design for workplace diversity, developed by Sara Pazell presented by David Hall

Learn how to integrate business unit activity, display good leadership, and advance company strategy through a shared investment in design objectives, measures, and outcomes. David Hall talks about workplace design with a focus on diversity, saying it’s a concept that sometimes requires changing old habits to look at design that's healthier, and makes us happier, more energetic and more productive.

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Changes in work during COVID-19 (and beyond), Professor Sharon Parker

This session provides evidence-based practical steps to address some of the issues associated with COVID-19, such as isolation, work stress, the need for good organisational support, and communication.

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The human cost of not speaking up. Psychological safety – not just nice but necessary! Naomi Armitage

Naomi Armitage highlights how fostering a culture of health and safety is no longer seen as just good to have, but a necessity, and a foundation for the overall performance of a business. She reveals how in the current climate it's critical for organisations to manage health and safety risk by designing psychologically safe work environments. She looks at what psychological safety is, the benefits your work environment can achieve, and the key correlation it has to individual wellbeing, safety performance, productivity, and innovation. She also shares some recent applications of psychological safety in the workplace.

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