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High risk work licensing for lifts and escalators

New guidance has been published in conjunction with industry groups, consultants, unions and worker representatives to clarify licence requirements in the lift and escalator industry.

The lift and escalator industry has evolved significantly over time with industry-specific credentials such as the ‘lift mechanic’ qualification being phased out. But feedback from industry identified confusion around current requirements for licences needed to undertake relevant work.

Key stakeholders were consulted, and further investigation carried out, including assessments of certain industry work tasks against the legislated scope of works of each licence type. This led to publication of the new guide to confirm the exact high-risk work licence required to undertake specific tasks within the industry.

The guide clears up confusion around licensing requirements already in place and is not an introduction of new or amended requirements within the industry. Workers carrying out the tasks specified in the guide should hold the relevant HRW licence authorising them to carry out such work.

Further information

Read the guidance High risk work for lifts and escalators.