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What to expect when an inspector calls

Inspectors visit workplaces to respond to health and safety incidents, electrical safety incidents and to monitor and enforce compliance with Queensland's work health and safety and electrical safety laws.

During workplace visits, inspectors observe, discuss and review documents to assess the level of risk and extent of compliance. Visits may be initiated by state-wide compliance campaigns, workplace assessments or in response to incident notifications or complaint.

Inspectors will not give prior notice of entry to a workplace, except in specific circumstances (such where it is necessary to ensure someone is on a remote site or a particular person is available) and where advance notice will not compromise the intention of the visit.

Inspectors may visit your workplace to:

  • investigate workplace incidents or to investigate reports of unsafe, or unhealthy conditions and dangerous work practices
  • assess workplace health and safety and electrical safety risks to workers and members of the public
  • conduct inspections and national, state-wide and regional audit campaigns
  • provide information and advice on the legislation
  • resolve work health and safety issues or resolve right of entry and access disputes
  • review disputed provisional improvement notices.

Inspectors always carry photo identification which must be clearly displayed as soon as they enter a workplace. Upon entering, they immediately notify the employer or the most senior management person, as well as any health and safety representatives.

During workplace visits, inspectors may identify contraventions that the duty holder can rectify on the spot to achieve immediate compliance. Immediate rectification of contraventions will be recorded and noted on the employer/workplace's record. Contraventions that cannot be immediately rectified will result in a notice to remedy.

At the end of a visit, the inspector will summarise possible outcomes for the employer (or the most senior management person at the workplace) and inform workplace health and safety representatives of any outcomes. They also discuss any action that needs to be taken by the employer and explain any notices issued.

An inspection report summarising the inspection findings, may be provided to the employer.

Further information

Download our short guide What to expect when an inspector calls (PDF, 2.56 MB).