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New guidance on vehicles as a workplace

New guides have been published for organisations and individuals using vehicles for work purposes on the road in Australia and New Zealand.

When vehicles are used for work purposes (either onsite or in road traffic), they become a workplace and the risks associated with them must be managed. Around 20 per cent of all passenger vehicle kilometres is for business purposes, excluding travel to and from work. Vehicle use in road traffic is the most significant contributor to work-related traumatic injury in Australia.

The new guidance materials include:

  • Industry specific factsheets - short and practical guidance for tradespeople, residential care workers, rural workers, government fleet, small transport operators and greyfleet.
  • Greyfleet checklist - aimed at any vehicle used for work-related purposes that is not directly provided by the organisation employing the driver. Greyfleet includes personal and client vehicles and all forms of leases, whether or not workers are reimbursed for expenses. WHS laws apply to all greyfleet vehicles.
  • Risks, hazards and management checklist - common hazards and controls for small and medium enterprises.
  • Case study Big Firm Electronics- to illustrate the risk management process in a large organisation.
  • Case study Small Pizza Company - to illustrate the risk management process in a small business.