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Get in early and book your free Safety Advocate visit for 2020

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland is taking bookings for Safety Advocate visits next year. Make sure you have '2020 vision' when it comes to safety in the workplace by booking an advocate nice and early.

Whether your workplace is a construction site, a farm, or an office or workshop, the advocates each have a different and powerful story to share. They will inspire your workers to think long and hard about what can happen if safety is overlooked.

In 2019, our advocates gave 330 talks to more than 17,000 people. They travelled to large and small workplaces all over the state—town and country, rural and regional—making visits north to Smithfield, west to Isisford and south to Coolangatta.

These visits included businesses of all shapes and sizes—hospitals, airports, retail stores, mine sites, schools and colleges, councils, banks, hotels, bus companies, food manufacturers, agribusiness and more. The advocates are available all year round and visit at no charge to Queensland businesses.

Their messages are powerful and inspirational and the feedback we've received is awesome:

Dan and Deb Kennedy

“No words can express how hard it is to lose a child and having to remember this on a daily basis when also attempting to deliver good practices, safety and a compliance message, however Dan and Deb did it and constantly achieve that.” Tiago Amaral | Downer UAM.

Jodie and Mario Cocco

“It was a brilliant session and we were amazed by the strength of both Jodie and Mario in standing up and telling their harrowing story. It really did get the message across of the importance of safety before you undertake anything be it at home or at work.” Miriam | Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy.

Bill Martin

“I wish to express our sincere gratitude to Bill Martin. It was significant for the Australian Trade Training College and the Australian Trade College North Brisbane staff, students, apprentices and trainees to hear the fallout from the consequences of simple and unassumingly innocent sequence of decisions that had a devastating outcome.” Patrick Scharf | Australian Trade Training College.

Garry Nichols

"All eyes were on Garry. He held the attention of everyone for the whole time. It was a testament to him that the line to shake his hand, give him a hug or thank him after the presentation was extensive." Ruth Healy | Qantas.

Gavan McGuane

"Gavan's visit was everything we hoped and more. I can't remember our workforce ever being so attentive in a safety talk before. Thanks for your help in educating our people and helping us on our journey to achieve zero harm." Chris Nelson | Australian Water Engineers.

Jed Millen

"Jed was able to put work safety into terms that everyone can understand. His story is powerful and insightful and every single one of our employees were engaged throughout the presentation. Feedback received has been positive and even days after the presentation our employees are still talking about it.” Charmaine Cameron | Network Steel.

Julie and Don Sager

"Please extend our gratitude to the Sagers for what was an amazingly touching and effective presentation in Toowoomba today." Kevin Bailey | Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office.

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