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New film highlights risks from faulty electrical equipment

Kerryn O’Connor was just 35 years old when she was electrocuted by a submersible water pump she was using in the backyard of her home.

The pump wasn’t designed, manufactured, or tested to Australian standards and an internal, hidden fault caused the outer metal casing of the pump to become live, killing Kerryn instantly.

Kerryn’s family are sharing their story to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

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It doesn’t matter what electrical equipment you buy for work or home, check for the regulatory compliance mark printed on the product or its packaging - this means the product meets Australian safety standards.

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The other message Kerryn’s family want to share is the importance of safety switches - which disconnect the source of electricity when a fault is detected.

There was no safety switch on the circuit of the pump, and if there was, it could have saved Kerryn’s life.

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