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It’s not soft to cover cuts!

We all know soil is full of germs. However, while most of them are not a problem there are a few nasty ones like tetanus, leptospirosis, melioidosis and staphylococcus that can make workers really sick.

While most skin infections are relatively minor, any of these infections can put you in hospital and can take weeks or even months from which to fully recover.

While the germs can all be in the environment at any given time, leptospirosis and melioidosis germs are particularly common after flood events or in wetter soils. So, it is particularly important to be aware of injuries when working outside in those conditions.

Our skin is particularly good at keeping our insides in, and the stuff on the outside out - except when it is broken. Cuts, scrapes or rashes may seem minor and unimportant, but could allow those germs to get in and cause serious illness.

It doesn’t take long for infection causing germs to invade, so keeping wounds clean makes good sense. Covering broken skin with a waterproof dressing and making sure cuts and scrapes that happen at work or outside are treated promptly is important to prevent infections that can lay people up for weeks.

It’s not soft to cover up cuts – it’s a smart way to keep yourself fit to keep working.

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