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First aid kits for work vehicles

Did you know that when a vehicle is used for work purposes it becomes a workplace? If you’re a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) that operates vehicles, you must do everything that’s reasonable to manage the risks associated with them, whether they are used on public roads or private property.

All vehicle operators must assess potential injury risks to workers associated with their vehicles’ use and take reasonable steps to eliminate or minimise those risks. Reasonable actions to control risks include making sure first aid equipment is supplied and all workers can get to it. You must assess the specific risks for how and where the vehicle is used—consider passengers and bystanders or customers as well as drivers—then supply appropriate contents for the first aid kit.

Consider the following risk factors for vehicle use:

  • identify potential causes of injuries arising from the nature of the work including specific routes, distances travelled, time of day the vehicle is used
  • environmental factors including road and weather conditions, traffic, etc.
  • the scope of vehicle uses, their capacity and location when not in operation.

Arrange training for your drivers and other staff in how to use the items in the first aid kit and how to respond if a serious injury or illness happens during travel. Ensure drivers have access to reliable communications equipment and know how to contact emergency services.

Remember to replenish all items in the first aid kit regularly, put signs up in the vehicle to show where the first aid kit is kept and make sure it is secured to prevent it from becoming a projectile if the vehicle stops suddenly.

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