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When did you last test your safety switches?

Do you know if you have safety switches installed and how to test them—and can you remember when you last did so?

The recent electric shocks received by three members of the public at a sports ground comes as a timely reminder about the importance of testing safety switches. A damaged extension lead was lying in a puddle of water and a 10-year-old child touched a steel fence while standing in this puddle. His two adult rescuers also received an electric shock.

To help everyone understand the importance of having safety switches installed, the Electrical Safety Office has built three switchboards demonstration displays to be used across the state at home shows, field days and other community events. Employers and community groups can also contact the ESO to request an electrical safety inspector visit and provide information sessions.

These displays are a hands-on tool to share the important messages of electrical safety and safety switches and to demonstrate:

  • how to find safety switches on a switchboard
  • how to test them
  • how to reset them
  • how to work out how many are recommended.

If you do get a shock or tingle from taps or other metal fittings call Energex (13 19 62), Essential Energy (13 20 80) or Ergon Energy (13 16 70) immediately and ask them to check your property. This is a free service. DO NOT TOUCH anything until it has been checked.

Further information

For more information or to book an electrical safety awareness session call 1300 362 128 or go to