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Transport Safety Network September 30 online meeting

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland will facilitate a Transport Safety Network meeting on 30 September, with healthy workers, exoskeletons and artificial intelligence on the agenda.

These network meetings are an open forum to discuss current issues and emerging industry trends. At the last meeting, guest presenter Lachlan Benson spoke about the Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds initiative (HHTS).

Lachlan discussed the significant and ongoing mental health issues being experienced by transport workers. He also touched on future opportunities for HHTS to partner with government and non-government stakeholders across Australia to improve WHS for transport industry workers.

The 30 September meeting features expert speakers on the following topics.

  • Exoskeleton vest. The exoskeletal vest is an upper body suit that elevates and supports a worker’s arms to assist them with tasks from chest height to overhead.
  • Research into artificial intelligence (AI). Predicting and managing injury risk using artificial intelligence (AI) through the Queensland AI Hub, an initiative funded by the Department of Innovation and Tourism Industry Development.
  • WHSQ Healthy Worker Unit. Strengthening businesses work health and wellbeing by scanning your environmental and organisational opportunities to support worker health.

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