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Free program helping workers get their health back on track

Since launching in 2017, the My health for life program has helped more than 6,500 Queenslanders achieve their health goals, such as weight loss, eating better, moving more, improved sleep quality and reducing stress levels.

Designed to complement health and wellbeing programs for individuals, this program offers workplaces free onsite health checks, either face-to-face or online, depending on the size and needs of the workforce. Health checks increase employee awareness about the risk of developing chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke, while providing tips and advice to help workers improve their overall health.

Eligible participants receive six months of health coaching, which includes small group sessions run by local health professionals, or one-on-one phone coaching (which offers flexible appointment times).

This motivational approach is the key to sustainable behaviour change as it helps workers make healthier choices as part of everyday life, while reducing their risks of developing serious health conditions. This benefits workplaces too, as healthier, happier workers are more productive, take less sick leave and are less likely to incur injuries.

Testimonials include:

“I've lost 4.5 kg and 13.5 cm from my waist, thanks for the motivation that I got from joining a group”.

“Keep an open mind, give things a try, and if you genuinely want to change, then this program will help.''

“Join the program as it gives you the tools and insight to better handle your own health.”

The program provides employers with an anonymous report on the health of their workforce. Using this information, along with an assessment of the workplace systems, helps target activities to create a healthy workplace and manage chronic disease risks.

As well, WHSQ's Work health and wellbeing toolkit is a one stop shop for planning a health and wellbeing program that can be integrated into business systems. It features tools and templates to help you gain management support, identify and address workplace risks, and evaluate short and long term outcomes.

To add to the health initiatives, WHSQ is offering free workshops showing how to implement a health and wellbeing program or build on what's already in place. To register for a workshop or to find out more visit the events page.

To find out if My health for life is the right fit for you and your workplace visit or contact