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Deep dive into safety at Safe Work Month Masterclasses

Want to get deeper into work health and safety issues? Our two-hour masterclasses in Safe Work Month focus on obligations of supervisors, good work design for psychological injuries, resolving conflict and current and emerging occupational lung disease. Choose one of these topics:

  • Explain pain
    Join Professor Lorimer Moseley for a masterclass where you'll cover several key concepts of modern pain science education, including resources and strategies to explain them to other people.
  • Workplace law and good work design for psychological injuries
    Join Andrew Douglas for a masterclass including FCW's 'Supervisor Handbook of Health'; a simple toolkit for all supervisors. Knowledge of this legal tool kit will improve productivity, employee health and risk management within your workplace.
  • Managing office combat stress: How to survive and thrive cubicle wars
    Join Peter Diaz for a masterclass where we look at covert conflict in the workplace, its impact on 'Office Combat Stress', what to do and say when everyone else seems to be pretending it doesn't exist, and how to handle yourself and others successfully through it.
  • Transformational work design: The SMART work model
    Join Professor Sharon Parker for a masterclass introducing the Stimulating Mastery Agency Relational Tolerable demands (SMART) work design model, examples of how SMART work can be created, and consider the model in the light of preventing psychosocial risks.
  • Current and emerging occupational lung disease
    Join Associate Professor Deborah Yates for a masterclass exploring current and emerging occupational lung disease. It will discuss asbestos-related diseases, occupational lung cancers, the re-emergence of coal workers' pneumoconiosis as well as other diseases related to coal mine dust exposure and emerging occupational lung diseases such as artificial stone silicosis, popcorn lung, humidifier-associated lung and nylon flock lung.
  • An integrated approach to return to work with mental injuries or illness
    Join WorkCover Queensland for a masterclass providing insights into the integrated approach to return to work with mental injuries or illnesses including early intervention and support, graduated return to work including workplace adjustments and work design, and working in collaboration with all parties for successful outcomes.

The Masterclasses will be held 12-2pm on Tuesday 15 October at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. Tickets are $44 each and limited to 130 seats per session.