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Emerging technology focus at transport safety network meeting

The next transport safety network meeting will be held on 13 May, with a focus on emerging technologies, among other health and safety issues currently faced by the industry.

Extended Reality (XR) Hub

XR technology can be used in workplaces to train workers in high-risk industries. This technology extends reality by adding to or simulating the real world through digital materials that learners can interact with.

Next generation workplaces

Global Change Institute, University of Queensland will shine the spotlight on enabling collaboration, knowledge transfer and innovation in changing physical and virtual work environments. The GCI will also canvass fostering learning in changing physical and virtual work environments, as well as well-being and safety in changing work environments.

Safety Fundamentals Toolkit

This presentation looks at a toolkit for small businesses, including sole traders, and will help you understand and comply with your legal obligations to create a safe, healthy business.

If you would like to attend this safety network meeting, email