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New online training for safe and healthy work from home

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has played an important role in keeping people safe while remaining productive, particularly for computer-based jobs. A new work from home training module has been published to ensure safety is managed effectively for home based work.

Working from home can increase productivity and help to attract and retain skilled workers by offering a flexible working arrangement. However, health and safety considerations for working from home should include more than just an ergonomic assessment of the workstation set up. For example, mental health and wellbeing can be at risk if communication about workload demands and work/life boundaries aren’t considered.

Operational systems that address all issues are needed. This Health and safety checklist for working from home (PDF, 0.21 MB) is a good guide to most considerations to ensure a safe and healthy work environment when working from home.

A new work from home training module has now been published to complement this checklist. It is an interactive, computer-based package to help workplaces provide suitable and adequate information to their workforce about the risks associated with working from home and how to minimise them.