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More drivers are on the roads - are your workers safe?

An increase in online purchases throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for drivers to meet delivery demands. The recent ending of JobKeeper is also expected to increase the number of drivers returning to work.

Employers must ensure returning and new drivers enter the workforce safely. This means ensuring they have the appropriate licences for the vehicles they will drive and providing them with the information, training and supervision they need to do their job safely.

Inductions should make them familiar with their work health and safety responsibilities and ensure they are aware of and understand processes and procedures, including on drugs and alcohol. During their induction, workers must understand the health and safety risks of their work, particularly if it involves solitary long-distance driving.

The systems and control measures in place to keep them and others safe need to be understood, as well as how to work in a healthy and safe way, including mental and physical health. Other information they need includes:

  • how to manage distractions while driving (mobile phones and other technologies)
  • requirements for routine mechanical checks on any equipment/vehicles
  • the safety features and operating functions of the vehicle they plan to use, especially if they haven’t driven for some time.

It is important to consult with workers, on all these matters, as well as practical considerations such as planning a safe journey and managing hazardous road conditions and fatigue.

Further information

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