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High Risk Work Assessor Portal

From 1 May 2021, all high risk work (HRW) accredited assessors and registered training organisations (RTOs) will transition to a new assessor portal to facilitate HRW assessments.

The portal is a customer centric system which formally brings HRW RTOs into the assessment process, streamlines HRW licence assessment, reduces duplication of effort for assessors and RTOs and provides a record keeping and information repository. It also removes the need for manual Assessment Summary (AS1) forms being issued by accredited assessors.

Candidate Assessment Summary (CAS) forms will now be issued to students deemed competent for a HRW licence, replacing the handwritten Assessment Summary (AS1) forms. The CAS is recognised as a valid interim HRW authority after a student has been deemed competent for a HRW licence and can be used onsite to show competency in the specific class of HRW.

Further information

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