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Vermeer Wood-chipper recall notice

RDO Group Australia Pty Ltd has notified its customers that a fault with Vermeer wood-chippers may increase the risk of wheel loss and a subsequent crash.

Beginning in August 2016 through to early February 2020, specific wheels (steel rim) with bolt pattern 8 on 6½ inch pitch circle diameter (165.1 mm PCD) to be used with 5/8 inch studs provided by a supplier have been found to have an incorrect lug nut (wheel nut) contact area causing wheel nuts to loosen and/or possibly develop cracks.

RDO Australia, which distributes the Vermeer products, has notified the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission the companies are going to repair or replace the wheels on affected wood-chippers.

The ACCC was told the voluntary product recall affected model numbers are: BC1000XL, BC1200XL, and BC1500. The machines process logs and other plant materials into wood chips.

Customers have been told to inspect the wheels of the wood-chippers and report any defects so that the wheels can be replaced.

Further information

Contact RDO Group Australia Pty Ltd via or 1300 8376337 if you require further information.