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Vehicle loading cranes audits

A blitz on vehicle loading cranes has highlighted significant non-compliance with safety laws.

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland and the Department of Transport and Main Roads have been conducting roadside vehicle loading cranes (VLCs) assessments since last year. To date, 673 VLCs have been stopped and assessed with a significant level of non-compliance found.

A total of 243 VLCs were found to be at risk of the stabilisers extending unintentionally during travel, through:

  • faulty stabiliser locking mechanisms
  • no secondary locking mechanisms
  • stabilisers and sensors not maintained
  • VLC operators not competent to operate stabilisers and crane
  • stabilisers not secured (housed in) during travel.

Since the assessments began, there has been an influx of VLC's booked in for repairs or maintenance of stabilisers at approved inspection stations across Queensland. There is no doubt that the assessment campaign is having a positive safety impact on the industry and risks are being addressed.

The roadside assessments will continue until December 2020. If you own or operate a VLC in Queensland and have not assessed risks related to unintentional extension of stabilisers and outriggers during travel, please do so now.

Further information

There is a self-assessment tool and further information about this campaign at