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Book a visit from a safety advocate this Safe Work Month

October is Safe Work Month, and a great opportunity to reinforce with your workers why safety is vital to your business.

Wondering how to get the conversation started? Want to do it meaningfully?

Book one of our Safety Advocates who will share their real-life experiences with your team.

They’ll encourage safe work practices in your workplace with a personal story about how a workplace injury changed their lives.

Garry Nichols

Garry was an experienced farmer but when his tractor hit a hidden rock on a slope, it rolled and crushed his lower body. He lost his leg, but he also lost his farm because of the financial hardship that followed. Garry’s story shows how a short moment of complacency in the workplace can lead to severe physical, emotional, and financial problems.

In his own words: “A small lapse in concentration and you could end up seriously injured - or worse. In my case it was a tractor. You may be driving home or walking across the road. A split second is all it takes.”

Jodie and Mario Cocco

Jodie and Mario’s son Domenic suffered life-threatening injuries when he crashed a quad bike. He was not wearing a helmet and had no formal training. Jodie and Mario encourage Queenslanders to take quad bike safety seriously, and be aware of the far-reaching impacts an injury can have.

Jodie and Mario recently spoke at AgForce workshops in Central West Queensland. In their words, "We hope our message for people to stop and think of the possible dangers before they get on a quad bike hit home.”

“Our discussions with the farmers highlighted the importance of knowing first aid and administering it when the incident first occurs - which could be crucial in saving a life. It can be hours before emergency services arrive in these rural and remote areas.”

Robyn Neilson

Robyn, a trained nurse, was the first responder to her neighbour who suffered horrific injuries after her arms were caught in a post-hole digger on a remote cattle property. For two hours, Robyn gave life-saving care to keep her neighbour alive until the Royal Flying Doctor Service arrived. After the incident, Robyn was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Her story is a reminder of the importance of preparing for a workplace emergency and explores the impact a traumatic event can have on workers and first responders. It also highlights the need for workplaces to always use well-designed, guarded and properly maintained equipment and have first aid equipment available.

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It could just save a life.