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Hendra virus re-emerges after five years

A recent confirmed case of Hendra virus in Central Queensland is a timely reminder of the importance of protecting your horses against this serious disease.

Queensland's first case of Hendra virus since 2017 was detected in the Mackay area on 8 July.

Following the re-emergence of the disease, horse owners have been urged to contact their veterinarian immediately if they suspect an animal may be infected with Hendra virus.

Hendra virus prevention requires stringent work health and safety and biosecurity measures. Veterinarians that suspect Hendra virus infection in a patient should follow standard procedures to investigate the situation.

Hendra virus is a sporadic disease that can cause very serious illness in horses and humans.

The natural hosts of Hendra virus are flying foxes. Human infection results from close contact with infected horses and their blood, body fluids and tissues.

There is a registered vaccine available that helps prevent Hendra virus disease in horses. Vaccinating your horse is the most effective way to manage the disease and reduces the risk of transmission to people and other susceptible animals.

Further information

Talk to your veterinarian about vaccination today, call 13 25 23 or read more about Hendra virus.