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Drones helping make working on farms safer and easier

Hundreds of Queensland farmers are now using drone technology to make their operations safer and more efficient, with many discovering how the technology is a handy alternative to using quad bikes.

Quad bikes are useful around the farm but come with risks. Quad bike fatalities and serious injuries are higher this year, particularly in Queensland, and the Federal Government has a major new safety standard taking effect from next month.

While farmers increasingly are realising the value of drones as a quad bike alternative, other ways of showcasing the technology are featured in a new Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) drone safety film featuring Safety Ambassador Shane Webcke. The film broadcasts next month as part of the Safe Work Month activities across the state, and in November, the World of Drones Congress will again be held in Brisbane.

The Brisbane World of Drones Congress is the largest congress in the Asia Pacific region, connecting stakeholders with the latest industry developments, applications and policies. This year the event becomes The World of Drones and Robotics Congress, integrating and expanding across the science and technology world.

And recently, the ABC reported on the use of drones at Calliope Station, in Central Queensland. Instead of employing three men on quad bikes, Will Wilson did the job single-handedly with a drone.

The report also quoted Mr Wilson saying the drone had a positive effect on the cattle too, showing how the cattle responded to the drone like they would a swarm of flies. Read the full story Drones for mustering improves safety and efficiency on rural properties.

WHSQ’s drone film features Shane Webcke. As a farmer, business owner and Queensland Safety Ambassador, Shane knows first-hand how important it is to prioritise safe work and innovation on farms.

In the film, he and Byron Wolff from Thompson Longhorn discuss how flying drones above stockyards provides real time information on cattle handling, and how the data can improve animal flow and worker safety. View the film Using drones to improve safety and efficiency in cattle yards.