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Dangers of plants touching powerlines

A recent farm incident highlighted the importance of simple safety checks whenever working around high voltage overhead powerlines.

The incident resulted in the Electrical Safety Office being notified of a farm worker who received an electric shock while bagging bananas on a plant that had contacted high voltage overhead powerlines. The worker was not fatally injured, but the incident serves as a reminder of the importance of preparatory steps BEFORE doing work near powerlines.

Keep you and your workers safe by following these easy procedures:

  • Check to see if any trees, branches or leaves are close to, can be blown into, or are touching powerlines.
  • Notify your local electricity provider if any trees have grown into or could be blown into powerlines. Do not attempt to trim the tree yourself.
  • Never plant crops, trees or tall vegetation under powerlines. If possible, relocate crops or vegetation away from powerlines.
  • During storms or floods, if tall trees fall and bring down powerlines, contact your local electricity provider immediately.
  • Make workers aware of the location of powerlines on the property before they start work – look up and live!

Remember, there are no safe electric shocks.

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