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Stage two of rotamarker campaign kicks off

The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) has again partnered with Ergon Energy and Energex to offer farmers belonging to any of QFF’s industry groups a 50 per cent co-contribution to install up to 10 rotamarkers at a cost of $100 each on their properties.

Powerlines are very hard to see, so there's no last-minute reminder that they’re there. Any business that plants, harvests, sprays, irrigates or uses aerial applications near powerlines should have a powerline safety plan and consider having overhead powerline markers installed.

In 2021, Ergon Energy Network and Energex offered to install up to 10 rotamarkers per property at a cost of $100 each. To encourage more farmers to take up this opportunity, the QFF offered a co-contribution up to a maximum of $500 to match farmers’ funds of installing rotamarkers. Due to the success of Round 1, QFF is again offering round 2 of the rebate initiative.

Head of Queensland’s Electrical Safety Office, Ms Donna Heelan said that in the past six years, there have been 52 serious incidents involving overhead powerlines in Queensland, and six people have died. People most at risk are farmers, construction workers, and large vehicle and mobile crane operators.

“Contact with overhead powerlines is one of the most persistent and problematic electrical safety risks in Queensland,” Ms Heelan said.

“It is important producers take the time to identify potential risks on farms, power lines near sheds and silos, for example, and communicate these clearly to all staff, no matter how long they have worked with you.”

“I applaud this initiative from QFF and Energex and Ergon Energy Network, and I encourage all rural property owners to take advantage.”

Applications close at the end of June and all the details can be found at