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New powerline safety planning tool

Ergon Energy is trialling a new powerline safety planning tool at that assists landowners to plan work around powerlines.

The planning tool is an interactive geospatial map that displays Energex and Ergon Energy electricity networks. It can help you reduce the risk of injury or death from electrocution and damage to equipment and our electricity network. Plus, you can request safety advice, organise de-energisation or relocation of powerlines and the application of powerline markers.

It's a simple tool to assist you to safely plan and perform work around the electricity network by displaying:

  • powerline locations and imagery via an interactive geospatial map
  • powerline safety guidelines, including exclusion zones from powerlines
  • options available while planning and/or performing work (such as the erection of powerline warning markers or relocation services)
  • other important information, including contact details.

Ergon and Energex now also have new rota markers available to ensure harvesters and farm machinery operators keep powerline hazards front of mind. Glen Cook, Community Safety Specialist from Energy Queensland, explains the process in this short video The rotating motion of these red and white markers draws the attention of operators as to the location of powerlines when operating near them.

For more information and safety advice, contact: