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Have your say on safety: Quad bike survey

Do you ride a quad bike or know someone who does? Then now is the time to have your say on quad bike safety.

For too long, quad bike users have been over-represented in serious injury statistics. Sadly, more than fifty Queenslanders have been killed using quad bikes since 2011. Now, you can share your thoughts about quad bike safety in a confidential 15 minute survey carried out by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

The survey is part of a campaign to reduce injuries and deaths related to quad bikes. This major state-wide media campaign will be held over the holidays to urge riders, especially those returning home from school, to observe simple but effective safety messages.

The campaign emphasises five simple steps quad bike users can follow to make sure they come home safely.

  1. Always wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet is the best way to minimise the risk of a head injury.
  2. Kids on kids’ bikes. Adult-sized quad bikes are too large for kids to handle.
  3. Don’t double. Doubling on a single-seat quad bike increases the risk of a roll-over.
  4. Don’t overload. Heavy loads and attachments can make quad bikes unstable.
  5. Quad bike training. Even the most experienced riders need to be prepared for the unexpected.

The survey will shine a light on the behaviours and beliefs of people who own or use quad bikes for work, recreation or any other purpose.

The information you provide will be treated as confidential. This survey is undertaken in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (2014).

Take the survey

The confidential 15 minute survey closes on Monday 27 February.

If you’d like to verify the validity of this survey or if you’re having problems accessing or completing it, please call 1300 362 128 or email