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Queensland's Labour Hire Licencing (LHL) leading the way

Queensland’s Labour Hire Licensing Compliance Unit (LHLCU) continues to lead the way in protecting workers from exploitation and promoting the integrity of the labour hire industry.

There are now over 3,400 licensed labour hire providers (LHPs) operating throughout Queensland across all industries. The Third anniversary report of Queensland’s labour hire licensing scheme was released in November 2021 and outlines the scheme’s key achievements.

As workers return to the industry, farmers and users of labour services should be mindful to only use licensed labour hire providers. It’s a timely reminder that under Queensland's Labour Hire Licensing Act 2017, it’s an offence to enter into an arrangement with an unlicensed LHP, as it is to provide labour hire services without a licence.

Tips for the 2022 season

To comply with LHL requirements, it is best to:

  • Check the online labour hire licensee register prior to engaging a provider, and keep evidence of this (i.e. take a screenshot). The online register has up-to-date licence details for each provider.
  • Get a written contract that clearly identifies the contractor, including their Australian Business Number, and keep it. It’s recommended to include an obligation to advise you of any change to a provider’s licence status (i.e. suspension or cancellation).
  • Limit labour hire subcontracting where possible.
  • Check the person’s identity approaching you to provide labour. Ensure they’re authorised to bind the licensed LHP in contract. Click-on the licence number in the register to see names of the provider’s nominated person(s) and executive officers. If the person approaching you isn’t one of those persons, seek clarification and retain a copy of their photo ID as a record.
  • Do spot checks with employees to see if they’re experiencing any issues. Ask the LHP for proof of worker payments (including super), their working conditions and visa status.
  • Periodically check the register to ensure licensee details and contacts are correct.

Further information

If you have any queries or concerns, call LHLCU on 1300 576 088, or visit the Labour Hire website.