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Keeping active for body and mind

The positive effects of regular exercise on health and wellbeing are well known. Being physically active not only reduces the risk of some chronic diseases but is also known to help prevent depression, reduce emotional stress and improve quality of life.

Keeping fit and well and having social connections is so important in rural communities where the access to services can be limited. It’s not too late to commit to healthy New Year’s resolutions and get your fitness routine back on track.

Generally farming is considered a physical occupation, but due to advances in technology and machinery, some people aren’t as active as they once were. Farming can be psychologically and physically demanding, so it is important for farmers to look after their health and fitness.

Some tasks such as tractor driving require sitting for 10 to 12 hours per day when our bodies are made to move, so regular breaks to stretch and loosen up are important, as is staying hydrated.

While participating directly in a local fitness session, such as the The Active Farmers program which operates in Hughenden, is the ideal, what if you don’t live near a recreational fitness provider?

To keep your New Year’s resolution and help maintain fitness, you can get inspiration from online programs such as The Queensland Health site which has 10 minute workouts the whole family can follow. The exercises address fitness, toning and balance, and are graded for beginners through to fitness freaks.

Further information

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