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Unlicensed labour hire provider in Emerald fined $60,000

Monstershield Pty Ltd has been convicted and fined $60,000 in the Emerald Magistrates Court for operating without a labour hire licence.

The Labour Hire Licensing Queensland's compliance unit was tipped off that Monstershield was providing workers for grape picking but didn't hold an appropriate licence.

Monstershield had originally applied for a labour hire licence in Queensland but the application was withdrawn because the company failed to provide information about its compliance record. Monstershield was subsequently warned in writing it was not permitted to provide labour hire services in Queensland.

In sentencing, the magistrate noted the overriding purpose of the labour hire licensing scheme was to protect vulnerable workers and the defendant had committed a serious offence which struck at the scheme's integrity. He considered Monstershield's failure to respond to requests for information and lack of co-operation with the investigation were calculated to draw out the application's assessment to continue operating for as long as possible.

This was the third successful prosecution of an unlicensed provider in Queensland since the labour hire licensing scheme began in April last year. It is a strong reminder for both providers and users of labour to ensure an appropriate licence is in place, as serious penalties apply.

Under the scheme, corporations face maximum fines of $400,350, while for individuals it's almost $138,000 - or three-years' imprisonment.

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