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Get in early and book your free Safety Advocate visit for 2020

Whether your workplace is on the farm, on a fishing boat, or in forestry, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland is now taking bookings for Safety Advocate visits across the length and breadth of the state.

Advocates each have a different and powerful story to share about their work safety experience, and our rural advocates have been there and done that – they know what they are talking about! They will inspire your workers to think long and hard about what can happen if safety is overlooked.

Safety advocates visit at no charge to Queensland businesses. At last year's AgForce and Growcom workshops targeting regional and rural areas, Jodie and Mario Cocco gave 14 talks and former farmer Garry Nichols delivered 45 sessions.

Mario and Jodie became Safety Advocates following the quad bike accident involving their 7-year-old son, Domenic. He suffered life threatening injuries after crashing his quad bike into a power pole. He'd had no training and wasn't wearing a helmet.

Garry was an experienced farmer when he lost his leg in a tractor rollover. After hitting a hidden rock, Garry suffered traumatic injuries when his tractor rolled and crushed his lower body. He lost his farm through the financial hardship that followed.

The advocates' stories are up close and personal and can inspire you and your workers to take that extra step in looking after one another and working more safely – and more productively.

You can request a free visit at