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Understanding QBCC and electrical worker’s licences and advertising

Do you hold a Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) licence plus a restricted electrical worker’s licence? As the holder of an electrical contractor licence (i.e., a licensed plumber) you can perform restricted electrical work as per the Electrical Safety Regulation 2013.

Did you know that you have the same responsibilities and duties as the holder of an electrical contractor licence? This also applies when you advertise electrical work, and you’ll need to state the name your licence is issued in and your QBCC licence number. To view the specific advertising requirements for the QBCC visit:

Thinking of advertising your electrical business on radio, via social media or on your vehicle?

Before you do, remember you must include your registered name and electrical contractor licence number on all advertising. That way your future customers can check that you are a licensed electrical contractor via our online licence search tool.

Be sure to include your licence details on:

  • websites and social media – (only include your licence details if the social media posts or homepage are not linked to your website)
  • newspaper and Yellow Pages advertising
  • posters, brochures, and flyers
  • fridge magnets and switchboard stickers
  • vehicle signage
  • radio and television advertising
  • telephone on-hold advertising.

On printed materials, the licence details must be clearly displayed so they can be easily read. For spoken advertising, the licence details must be clearly audible.

However, you don’t need to include licence details on:

  • uniforms
  • business cards and stationery
  • online advertising if it links to your website or social media homepage.
  • merchandising (e.g., hats, pens)
  • sponsorships (e.g., football jerseys)
  • shop fronts
  • telephone messenger service.