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A message from Commissioner for Electrical Safety and Chair of the Electrical Licensing Committee, Keith McKenzie

As the end of the working year fast approaches, please consider the following before we put tools down for 2023:

  • Many projects will be nearing completion before the festive season, so developers, builders and clients may place additional pressure on electrical contractors and workers to meet completion deadlines.
  • Heading into summer, the days are getting hotter so be aware and watch out for fatigue and other heat-related factors that not only affect you physically but also your decision-making.
  • Pressure or perceived pressure can influence how you undertake and test your electrical work.

Please take care and continue to be electrically safe, do your risk assessments and modify accordingly and remember to take into account external factors that could influence your decision-making.

If you’re unsure, or need clarity or guidance, please ask. Whether you’re an apprentice, licensed electrical worker, supervisor or manager—the wrong decision you make today could affect you and many others well into the future.

Work Safe. Home Safe.