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Have your say on the review of Queensland’s electrical safety laws

Over the last 20 years, since the Electrical Safety Act 2002 (the Act) was introduced, the way Queenslanders have used and interacted with electricity has changed dramatically with many new technologies and products on the market.

These changes have also created new safety risks.

In 2021, the Queensland Government commissioned an independent review of the Act undertaken by Mr Dick Williams to ensure Queensland’s electrical safety laws continue to provide high standards of safety for workers and communities.

A total of 83 recommendations were made as part of the comprehensive report into the Act.

The recommendations address issues ranging from the scope of the Act, and coverage of emerging energy generation and storage technologies including solar power and batteries, electric vehicles, hydrogen-based electricity generation, storage technologies, off-grid generation, regulatory, licensing, and supply chain duties reform.

Read the Review of Queensland’s Electrical Safety Act 2002, Final Report, and the Discussion Paper. Key issues in these documents consider:

  • electrical safety considerations of new and emerging technologies
  • the changing landscape of electricity and the workforce
  • electrical safety and electric vehicles.

Electrical safety affects all Queenslanders—you and your customers can have a say on the discussion paper until 27 June 2023.

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