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Cathodic protection registration - now online

A new system to help streamline the registration process has launched - Cathodic Protection Registrations Online.

Cathodic protection devices protect submerged and underground metallic structures from corrosion. These structures can include ships, offshore floaters, pipelines, cables, tanks, harbour structures, and subsea equipment. Cathodic protection systems use an electric current or an electrically dissimilar metal to reduce or reverse the effects of corrosion or rusting. You can read more about these devices and systems.

What's new with the registration?

Cathodic protection registrations online make it easier for owners and consultants to register, manage, and maintain their systems registration. The system uses MyGovID to authenticate users.

Owners and authorised consultants can view all cathodic protection registrations and tax invoices online and receive automatic re-registration reminders. The system provides a new level of transparency and accountability, with active registrations visible on the Queensland Globe interactive mapping platform.

This initiative ensures structures are better maintained and operated, contributing to better corrosion prevention and safety outcomes for the community.

Further information

For more information, head to Registering cathodic protection systems.