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Are your employees working safely on solar farms?

This year, there's been numerous incidents on solar farms involving arc flash injuries.

Most incidents can be prevented if the appropriate safe system of work is identified, risk assessments are implemented and followed, and appropriate testing is undertaken.

Are your people working ON or NEAR live electrical equipment?

Electrical contractors must ensure workers working operating on or near live electrical equipment have been deemed competent, and have met requirements for testing.

Solar farm construction and installation in Queensland is increasing at a rapid rate, and with more sites likely to be rolled out, you'll want the latest guidance on hand to support you.

Advice materials:

  • S/NZS 3017 Electrical installations – Verification by inspection and testing.
  • AS/NZS: 4836 - Safe working on or near low-voltage and extra-low voltage electrical installations and equipment.

In 2019, the ESO identified a number of issues on solar farms. Read more about this in previous article.