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Electrical LEAD safety leadership toolkit

Safety leadership involves motivating and inspiring workers to prioritise their safety and the safety of their teams.

Our new Electrical LEAD safety leadership toolkit brings together different safety leadership theories into one practical framework to apply in your workplace.

The toolkit describes the specific skills you'll need for different work situations in the electrical industry. It includes:

  • a workbook
  • an electronic survey with personalised workplace results emailed to you
  • survey user guide
  • a workshop presentation for your workers
  • facilitation guide and speaker notes.

There is a significant relationship between the qualities of a leader and the outcomes achieved for a business. How you choose to lead and prioritise safety directly impacts on:

  • workplace incidents
  • engagement levels
  • the way young workers are engaged and cared for
  • outcomes and business productivity.

The toolkit was piloted in 2020 for six months and consisted of 26 small, medium and large businesses. Some feedback and key learning outcomes from participants included:

  • “Electrical safety culture starts with the leadership group. Being a leader means we can influence in more ways than not.”
  • “I liked that I had survey results, so I knew which areas needed my focus for the day.”
  • “I learnt how to be leader amongst my work crew, how to listen to my co-workers and give the skills to give constructive criticism.”
  • “I learnt to be clear and concise when asking questions. Body language is very important.”
  • “I learnt how to put in place ways to communicate with workers, give and receive positive feedback and correct ways to start a conversation.”
  • “Apprentices are constantly changing the way they learn. Leaders need to adopt and actively listening.”
  • “I learnt about giving positive feedback before constructive and ask them questions rather than making statements.”
  • “I learnt about the science behind decision making and thought process.”
  • “I learnt about the different types of learning. How others learn and the way in which safety is viewed in the workplace.”

Further information

Whether you’re an experienced leader or just starting on your leadership journey, download the Electrical LEAD safety leadership toolkit today.