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TAFE apprentice and trainee supervisors training in 2024

Having a new apprentice or trainee in your workplace and developing your future skilled workers can be a big investment for businesses.

The Commissioner for Electrical Safety is working with the Electrical Safety Education Committee to develop and provide electrical apprentice mentoring resources and guidance focussing on the unique requirements of electrical apprentices and their training.To get things going, kickstart 2024 with these two free micro-credentials courses:

  • Mentoring an apprentice or trainee: training includes information on mentoring methods, professional boundaries, and how to tailor mentoring to suit individuals.
  • Safe workplaces for apprentices and trainees: training includes an overview of workplace behaviours and prevention mechanisms, cultural awareness, diversity and inclusion, and how to effectively respond to issues when they arise.

The two courses can be accessed using TAFE’s website: Supervising Apprentices.

All employers are required to provide a safe workplace - our website has information and resources to help you understand your obligations and keep your workers safe.

Apprentices and trainees are often young people - our Young Workers Toolkit provides valuable information and resources to keep young workers safe at your workplace.