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Safe work method statements for working on or near energised electrical equipment

Safe work method statements (SWMS) help supervisors and workers understand safety requirements for high-risk work by:

  • setting out work activities in logical sequences
  • identifying hazards
  • describing control measures.

Working on or near energised electrical equipment is high-risk. To ensure safety, the person conducting the business or undertaking must ensure everyone understands, implements, and reviews the SWMS. Workers must also ensure they understand and follow the SWMS.

The following should be considered before performing electrical work:

  • Do you have the skills, training and competence to complete the task?
  • Are control measures in place?
  • Have the hazards, risks and control measures been communicated to workers?

If the task is notbeing conducted according to the SWMS, work must stop immediately or when it’s safe to do so. Work can only resume after the control measures are implemented and reviewed.

Take time to review your SWMS to ensure they are appropriate for the tasks identified, while considering where and how improvements or adjustments need to be made.

Further information

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