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Reminder: Electrical contractor licence details in advertising

Electrical contractors must include their registered name and licence number when advertising their business.

Consumers can use our Electrical licence holder search to confirm your business is licensed and that your licence is current.

Advertising that requires licence details to be included are:

  • websites and social media pages – social media posts which only direct the viewer back to the business’s homepage do not require details, provided they are clearly displayed on the homepage
  • newspaper and Yellow Pages advertising
  • posters, brochures and flyers
  • fridge magnets and switchboard stickers
  • vehicle signage
  • radio and television advertising
  • telephone on-hold advertising.

Licence details are not required on:

  • uniforms
  • business cards and stationery
  • online advertising such as Google ads where the ads link back to the business’s website or social media homepage
  • merchandising (e.g. hats, pens)
  • sponsorships (e.g. football jerseys)
  • shopfronts
  • telephone messenger services.

On printed materials, the licence details need to be displayed clearly enough to be easily read. For spoken advertising, the licence details must be clearly audible.