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Certificate II Electrotechnology work experience

Work experience is a requirement for students undertaking industry placement for Certificate II Electrotechnology (Career Start).

Industry placement is a great opportunity for students to experience the electrical trade, however employers and supervising workers must remember the limited scope of work Career Start students can perform.

Unlike apprentices, Section 55 of the Electrical Safety Act 2002 does not permit Career Start students to perform electrical work. Examples of work Career Start students can perform includes:

  • work on non-electrical components of electrical equipment if they are not exposed to an electrical hazard while doing so (e.g. painting equipment covers, cleaning filters or replacing a drive belt on a washing machine)
  • replacing electrical equipment or components such as light bulbs
  • locating or mounting electrical equipment in situ, as long as it doesn’t involve connecting the equipment to the energy supply (e.g. cutting out plasterboard and installing wall plates or installing mounting brackets or blocks)
  • assisting a licensed electrician with electrical work under direct supervision where there is no physical contact with live equipment (e.g. helping install conduits and cable tray)
  • testing and tagging of portable appliances (if competent to do so)
  • work on extra low voltage equipment.

Further information

For more information on the work Career Start students can and cannot do, contact us on 1300 632 993.