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New Electrical Safety Board members

The new Electrical Safety Board for the 2020-23 term had its first meeting on 3 December 2020 where they were welcomed by Greg Skyring, Commissioner for Electrical Safety.

Chaired by the Commissioner for Electrical Safety, the Board is made up of the Queensland Government’s Electrical Safety Regulator and six board members representing employers, workers and the community. The Board gives advice and makes recommendations to the Industrial Relations Minister about policies, strategies and legislative arrangements for electrical safety.

Electrical Safety board members

Pictured above from left to right are: Christine King, Queensland Country Women’s Association; Keith McKenzie, Electrical Trades Union; former Commissioner for Electrical Safety Jack Camp; Malcolm Richards, Master Electricians Australia; Peter Lamont, National Electrical and Communications Association; Craig Allen, Deputy Director-General Office of Industrial Relations (the Regulator); Greg Skyring, Commissioner for Electrical Safety (Chair); and Cassandra Tomassi, Stowe Australia.